Ambulance Doctors

Ambulance Spa Doctor

Ambulance Spa Doctor is designed for guests of the Spa Hotel Felicitas, who undergo spa and medical stays. Based on your examinations or expert advice, your doctor will recommend spa treatments that are appropriate for you due to your current medical condition. Elimination of possible contraindications is a prerequisite for successful completion of spa treatment.

MUDr. Bukatová, MUDr. Fričová, MUDr. Košařová

Ambulance General Practitioner

General Practitioner provides care mainly to ambulatory patients, but is prepared to provide care to hotel guests in cases of sudden health problems. The office can be visited in the office hours or you can order a visit to the exact dates.

Contract Insurance Companies: VZP, ZPMV ČR, VoZP, OZP, ZPŠ, ČPZP, RBP

Contact: MUDr. Libuše Bukatová, nurse Jitka Polak

Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30-15.00

Ambulance rehabilitative Physician

The Ambulance is designed for patients with the necessary treatment of the musculoskeletal tract, patients after injuries….. (To be completed by doctor)

The Ambulance provides specialised care for both hotel guests and ambulatory patients. Based on the examination, your doctor will prescribe an appropriate follow-up procedure that you can take in our rehabilitation center.

Contract Insurance Companies: VZP, ZPMV ČR, VoZP, OZP, ZPŠ

Mudr. Pavlína Fričová
Office Hours: Mon: 16.00-19.00 hrs, Tue: 8.00-17.00 hrs

Mudr. Dagmar Košařová
Office Hours: Mon: 8.00-14.00 hrs, Thu: 8.00-14.00 hrs