The mission of Thalgo, the French seawater based cosmetics, is to create natural and efficient cosmetics from natural resources. It is complexion-friendly and environmentally friendly.

The labs of Thalgo in the cooperation with dermatologists, university professors and other experts specialize on getting unique substances from the sea and ocean depths. Thus produced natural cosmetics according to the strict standards respects the skin of every female. Thalgo company in the process of production do not use the components of animal origin, parabens, mineral oil, genetically modified materials and do not test their products on animals.

Unique ground seaweeds

Our complexion needs a lot of trace elements, minerals, amino acids and proteins. That is why the Thalgo cosmetics developed the unique proprietary technology based on ground seaweeds. Thanks to this technology the Thalgo products contain the ingredients mentioned above in an active form providing absolute efficiency on the skin.

Treatment by the iBeauty device


The iBeauty is the first intelligent device providing 3 outstanding technologies:
Sound vibration is the new generation of safe aesthetic cure. Low-frequency ultrasound vibrates the spatula, thus reaching deep-cleansing effect on the complexion.
Sequence ultrasound has several impacts. Vibrating waves detoxicate and reactivate cell metabolism, increase the absorption of active substances into the complexion or stimulate the cells for higher regeneration.
Tripolar radio-frequency is the latest anti-aging technology. It is directly derived from aesthetic medicine. It regenerates the complexion and thanks to lifting it adds to it a puffy look.
The safety is ensured by simple and sophisticated technology and programmed steps of the treatment. Using of various types of treatment is decided by a therapist according to the actual status of complexion.

The use of individual types of treatments and products is determined by the therapist based on the current skin condition.

Express care treatment

Express care for healthier and brighter complexion – exfoliation, complexion cleansing, digito-pressure, face pack, and final care.

60 min / 990 CZK

iBEAUTY pure treatment

Suitable for oily and mixed complexion – exfoliation, complexion cleansing, drainage, treating the imperfection and defects of the complexion.

90 min / 1 590 CZK

iBEAUTY hydra treatment

Dehydrated, tired looking complexion – cleansing, deep hydration by active substances.

90 min / 1 690 CZK

iBEAUTY brightening and lifting

Lifeless, tired looking and grey complexion – cleansing, remineralization, brightening and stronger complexion.

90 min / 1 690 CZK

iBEAUTY lifting treatment

Loosing firmness of the complexion, wilted contours – cleansing the complexion, stimulation, and regeneration.

90 min / 1 890 CZK

THALGO Cosmetic Rituals

Intensive cleansing ritual

It perfectly cleans the complexion, refills it with minerals and re-establishes the deep complexion balance.

90 min / 1 490 CZK

Intensive hydrating ritual

Deep and intensive hydrating the cells by seawater.

90 min / 1 590 CZK

Intensive brightening ritual

It changes the pressure in surrounding tissues, increases permeability of inert-cell spaces. Active substances will penetrate deeper into the skin.

90 min / 1 590 CZK

Additional services

Depilation by sugar paste 120-200 CZK

Eyelashes dyeing 90 CZK

Eyebrows dyeing 70 CZK

All these services include make-up removal, complexion analyses, eyebrows treatment, chosen care and final treatment. The services can be provided tailor-made according to the type of the complexion.


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