Care for the body

The offer of body care in Spa Hotel Felicitas has been extended to include luxury body treatment using Thalgo cosmetics. The French Thalgo brand has already been handing on the wealth and exceptional potential of the sea in the form of care cosmetics for more than 45 years. It has been proven that minerals, trace elements and proteins are essential for the skin’s beauty and the correct functioning of all organs in the body. Seaweed and sea water constitute a unique reservoir for these elements. Only the Thalgo laboratories offer a (ground seaweed) product, produced using a patented procedure, which preserves these components in an active condition. Seaweed is rich in minerals, trace elements, copper and zinc, detoxifies and thus also slims the body. Treatment customised to the requirements of the individual client effectively combats fat pockets, cellulite and also helps to break down stress and provides a high level of relaxation.

There are several procedures in the offer focused on specific parts and also the whole body.