List and description of procedures


Carbonic bath

A bath prepared from a natural source of mineral water containing carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by the skin and subcutis and widens the blood vessels, thus leading to a drop in blood pressure, improvement of blood supply to the tissue and overall relaxation of the body.
Duration: 15 min. + 10 min. relaxation on a bed

Herbal essence bath

Utilises the effect of a hot bath and the specific effect of therapeutic herbs, which are indicated according to the specific medical problem (e.g. insomnia, tiredness, joint pain, neurosis or skin problems). According to the focus, it leads for example to stimulation of the body, relaxation, regeneration, decrease in pain in the locomotor system or healing of skin infections.
The offer also includes a wine and beer bath.
Duration: 15 min. + 10 min. relaxation on a bed

Pearl bath

Micro-massage of the skin with bubbles from a system of jets promotes improvement of blood supply and overall relaxation of the body.
Duration: 15 min. + 10 min. relaxation on a bed

Automatic underwater massage

This is a water massage, which is performed using water current from pressurised jets in the bath. Provides overall relaxation and improves the condition of the locomotor system.
Duration: 15 min. + 10 min. relaxation on a bed

Underwater massage by hand

During this massage, a specialist member of staff directs jets of water to the given part of the body in a targeted manner.
Duration: 15 min. + 10 min. relaxation on a bed

Whirlpool bath

Combines the effects of a hot bath and automatic underwater massage from jets located around the edge of the bath. Has beneficial effects on defects of the locomotor system with an overall stimulation effect. Applied to the upper or lower limbs.
Duration: 15 min.



Classic massage

Partial or full massage performed by hand using oils, focused mainly on regeneration of the locomotor system. Improves circulation, the metabolism, supply of oxygen to the tissue and relaxes muscle tension.
Duration: 25/50 min.

Reflexology massage

Massage performed by hand by a physiotherapist subject to medical prescription, focused on removal of pathological reflex changes in the area of the locomotor system, most frequently in the area of the spine and with an effect on the vegetative nervous system.
Duration: 30 min.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

Reflexology foot massage

This is a pressure massage given by hand, during which pressure is applied to the reflex points located on the soles of the feet. The sole represents a micro-system of the whole body, via which it is possible to treat the whole body and stimulate all of the organs in the body. The procedure can be applied on clients who do not have a fungal skin or nail disease and who do not have any warts on the soles of their feet.
Duration: 25 min.

Soft and mobilisation techniques

Special techniques performed by a physiotherapist subject to medical prescription. Indication for this is illness of the locomotor system, most frequently in the area of the spine.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

Medical lymphatic drainage performed by hand

A mechanical procedure, which improves drainage of the lymphs all over the body. Used, for example, in the case of lymphoedema, some post-injury conditions and blood vessel insufficiency.
Duration: 55 min.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

Pneuven – lymphatic massage by machine

Lymfoven is a device for intermittent pressure drainage and is designed for treatment of lymphoedema, blood vessel insufficiency and is suitable for pre-operative and post-operative prevention of deep thrombosis, rehabilitation of post-injury conditions relating to swellings of the afflicted limbs. Contraindication for this treatment includes swellings caused by illnesses of the kidneys or the heart.
Duration: 25 min.
Recommended clothing: long trousers, socks

Massage cupping

This is an ancient method of treatment, which helps to alleviate and remove problems and pain in the back and some medical problems such a disharmony of the internal organs. Waste substances are drained from the body with the aid of vacuum cups. Blood and lymphatic circulation improves in the area around the cup, tension is decreased and muscle spasms are relaxed.
Duration: 25 min.


All procedures included under electrotherapy, can only be applied subject to a medical prescription. Electrotherapy procedures have an analgesic (pain-suppressing), anti-inflammatory and myorelaxant effect. They are suitable for improving blood flow, absorbing post-injury swellings, hematomas, deep heating of subcutaneous structures and muscles. They have a wide range of indication areas for illnesses of the locomotor system.

Electrotherapy procedures include:

Ultrasound, diadynamics, interferential currents and rebox

Distance electrotherapy

Four-chamber galvanic bath

On application of this procedure, a combination occurs of the effect of a water bath and electrotherapy. It is very effective in the case of patients with disorders of blood flow to the limbs or in the case of polyneuropathy in diabetics.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

Magnet therapy

Use of a high-frequency magnetic field is suitable for treatment of several conditions and illnesses, especially of the locomotor system, fractures, blood flow disorders, osteoporosis etc. Application is also possible through clothing or a plaster cast.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor


Therapy using a concentrated and amplified beam of light. This is suitable for chronic afflictions of the locomotor system (afflictions of the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons), for speeding up healing of skin and subcutaneous lesions, post-injury and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system, where it is above all the bio-stimulation effect which is used.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor



All exercise is performed under the guidance of a physiotherapist as prescribed by a doctor. Through movement, we support cardiac activity, increase our breathing volume, help to remove toxic substances and stimulate production of endorphins in the brain (happiness hormones).

Individual therapeutic exercise

Individual exercise performed under the guidance of a physiotherapist as prescribed by a doctor, focused on removal of specific pathological changes to the locomotor system.
Duration: 20 min.
Recommended clothing: sports clothing, socks
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

Group therapeutic physical exercise

Types of therapeutic physical exercise according to focus: fitness, vascular and vertebrogenic exercise. According to type of exercise, indicated for improvement of fitness, supply of blood to the lower limbs and strengthening of the deep stabilisation system.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

Group exercise on balls

Exercise takes place on inflatable plastic balls – fitball. This is above all balancing exercise. Exercise is focused on strengthening, stretching and relaxing specific muscle groups. For example, we correct incorrect posture and improve movement coordination.
Duration: 20 - 25 min.

Group exercise in the swimming pool

This type of exercise is especially suitable for people with cardiac problems. In the water, we again strengthen and relax specific muscle groups. Water promotes blood flow to the skin, so movement in water has a certain massage effect.
Duration: 20 - 25 min. under the guidance of a physiotherapist, then individual swimming or use of the whirlpool bath
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

Training ergometry

Regular training on an exercise bike improves cardiovascular performance, tolerance to stress, and physical and mental fitness. Training is also suitable for patients with arthritic affliction of the load-bearing joints.
Duration: 20 min.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor



Dry carbonic bath

The patient lies in a special sack, which is filled with carbon dioxide. This procedure is relatively gentle and also suitable for older patients, the effects being almost identical to a classic water carbonic bath. It is also used as an effective form of regeneration and reconditioning in all age groups. It is especially suitable for patients who cannot take conventional baths due to decreased mobility.
Duration: 25 min.
Recommended clothing: dressing gown, underwear

Gas injections

A procedure sought after by many patients, which is performed by a nurse.
Carbon dioxide is applied subcutaneously to locations prescribed by a doctor.
Injections have beneficial effects on vertebrogenic disorders and joint disorder, as well as improving the flow of blood in people with cardiac disorders and diabetics.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor

HYDROJET massage water bed

This is a dry mechanical massage applied either to the whole body or the upper part of the body leaving out the lower limbs if varicose veins are present. The massage is performed on a porous bed, underneath which is water with an isothermal temperature. The procedure is also suitable for patients who cannot undergo classic water procedures or who have limited mobility. The procedure can also be applied for patients with a cardiac stimulator.
Duration: 10 min.


This concerns inhaling aerosol by mouth with the option of adding active substances in the case of illnesses of the upper and lower airways. Vincentka is used for inhalation.
Duration: 10 min.

Oxygen therapy

A therapeutic method using oxygen, which is inhaled with the aid of a so-called oxygen nasal cannula. Special devices are used to supply oxygen to the body in such a way that the effect of the oxygen therapy is long-lasting. This procedure improves supply of oxygen to the tissue and organs, bodily and mental performance, heart activity and the elasticity of the lung tissue.
Duration: 25 min.

Local cryotherapy

Dry coolant is applied to a predefined location by means of this procedure, this having a significant anti-inflammatory effect.
Duration: 5 min.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor



Peat compress

One of the main effects of peat is its heat effect. Disposable peat compresses are used for the procedure, which are fitted on one side with a permeable foil which releases the natural substances from the peat into the body (minerals, ions). Thermal therapeutic peat is above all recommended to combat pain in the joints and spine.
Duration: 20 min.

Paraffin hand wrap

This has a beneficial effect on the locomotor system, peripheral paresis, spastic processes, but also has cosmetic effects (e.g. softens the skin, strengthens the nails and similar). This is applied to the hands and the limbs are subsequently wrapped, in order to avoid heat loss. Removal of the paraffin is simple, as it easily peels off.
Duration: 20 min.

Warm caress compress

This concerns a so-called thermal sack, which gradually releases heat, which decreases muscle tension, alleviates rheumatic pain of the joints, supports blood circulation and has an anti-stress effect.
Duration: 20 min.


The procedure uses infrared radiation to heat the body.
Only subject to recommendation by a doctor