You can visit the spa town of Poděbrady if you set out from Prague to the east along motorway D11 for 50 km, or follow the map along the Labe to its confluence with the Cidlina. This town spreads out over the Labe lowlands in the district of Nymburk at a height above sea level of 185 m. Poděbrady as a whole is made up of the centre and another eight adjacent villages which have now become town districts.

History of the town of Poděbrady

Settlement has been proven here right back to the Neolithic period, but the town as such had to wait for its creation until 1224 when an important crossing sprung up here over the Labe as did a local castle which was reconstructed into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. This is a dominant feature of the whole town. It was precisely in this chateau that according to some historians, king Jiří of Poděbrady was born, later going on to become the most famous person in the Poděbrady area. Since the 17th century, the town has been known for its spas and healing springs, the last of which was discovered in 1905 during a search for drinking water in the courtyard of the chateau.

Present-day Poděbrady

Present-day Poděbrady is the pride of people from its wide surrounding areas. The beautiful spa, well-maintained complex of town parks with the spa colonnade, substantial hotel, restaurant and shopping facilities and a nonstop cultural and social life – that is Poděbrady, the town everybody who visits will get to know. The countryside of the floodplain forests and Labe lowlands are superbly suited to sports and recreational activities.

Poděbrady Spa

The spa was created as far back as the 17th century when people discovered the first spring of iron-rich water here, which immediately became ranked among the best waters in the wide surrounding area. During further surveys and a search for drinking water for the local chateau, another mineral spring was discovered in 1905 which is nowadays called Poděbradka, which soon became famous for its therapeutic effects and unique composition of the water. Only three years later, the first visitors started to use spa facilities and the first carbonic baths in Poděbrady.

Poděbrady Spa specialises in treatment of cardiac diseases, the cardiovascular system and makes a significant contribution towards treatment of diabetes. Most procedures and drinking the local water, the famous Poděbradka, do however have a positive effect on the functioning of the whole body. The speciality of the spa here is the carbonic bath, which thanks to the chemical effects of CO2, has a beneficial effect on widening of the peripheral blood vessels. Let Poděbrady become a town with a special place in your heart too.

You can undergo all of the spa procedures available here directly in Spa Hotel Felicitas. Here you have the unique opportunity of making use of the balneo-rehabilitation centre, which offers not only spa baths, massages and lymphatic drainage, but also offers help when treating illnesses of the locomotor system with the aid of special therapeutic devices or peat and paraffin wraps.

However, spa procedures alone are not enough to improve your state of health. The environment here also contributes significantly towards this. The whole spa centre is covered in extensive spa parks, which are complemented by the beautiful spa colonnade. The beautiful countryside around Poděbrady is also part of a quiet stay as is the wide range of recreation options open to visitors. Just quickly, we could mention trips into the surrounding area by bike or using in-line skates, horse riding or playing golf on the 18-hole golf course here.