Balneo-Rehabilitation Center

Health and good fitness is the wish of every person. Balneo-Rehabilitation Center is located in the 1st. Hotel Felicitas’s Spa floor. He has the status of a non-state medical institution. It is equipped with modern medical equipment, professional medical staff and offers top-class health and medical care.

Treatment is focused on cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal diseases and also serves as a preventive medical treatment of civilisation diseases. The Balneo-Rehabilitation centre of the FELICITAS Spa complex in Poděbrady provides its services not only to clients and guests of the Felicitas Spa Hotel, but also to ambulatory patients.

Opening hours of the Balneo rehabilitation Centre
(Monday to Friday)

Order on Tel: +420 704 970 967; Mon-Fri 7.00-16.30 hrs
Mudr. Pavlína Fričová: Monday and Wednesday: 16.00-19.00 hrs
Mudr. Dagmar Košařová: Monday and Thursday: 8.00 – 14.00 hrs

Both doctors have contractual arrangements with insurance companies: VZP, ZPMV ČR, VoZP and OZP.

General Practitioner’s surgery MUDr. Libuše Bukatová:

Mon-Fri 7.30-15.00 hrs. We recommend ordering.

Rehabilitation + Electro + hydrotherapy + massages:
7.30-16.00 Hours
Saturday: electrotherapy
8.00-14.00 Hours
Hydrotherapy + Massages:
08.30-17.00 Hours