Classic Massage

Partial or total hand massage with the use of oil, focused mainly on regeneration of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Improves blood circulation, metabolism, supply of tissues with oxygen and relaxes muscle tension.

25 min/490 CZK
50 min/700 CZK

Aroma Massage

Partial or total oil massage using essential oils. Favorably affects blood circulation and nervous system. The scent of oils influences psychic mood and spirits.

25 min/550 CZK
50 min/790 CZK

Flask Massage

An old healing method that helps to alleviate and eliminate problems and back pain and some medical conditions such as the disharmony of internal organs. Use vacuum flasks to drain waste material from the body. In the vicinity of the action of the flask, blood and lymphatic circulation improves, the tension decreases and muscle spasms are released.

25 min/450 CZK

Hawaiian Massage

Its basis rests on the correct pressure of the fingers, palms and especially the elbow and forearm. These are the most used in this massage. It eliminates pain in the muscles and joints, but also helps relieve stress during stress and overreaming. Enhances blood flow to the body and detoxifies the organism.

25 min/490 CZK
50 min/850 CZK

Lava Stones

Heated volcanic stones stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system. It perfectly relaxes the body and mind, depriving stress and tension.

25 min/490 CZK
50 min/850 CZK

Manual Lymphoddrainage Medical

A hand massage that improves lymph drainage from all over the body. It is used e.g. In Lymphoedema, some post-traumatic conditions or venous insufficiency. Only on the advice of a doctor.

25 min/55 min

Pneuven – Instrument Lymphatic Massage

Lymphoma is an apparatus for intermittent pressure drainage and is intended for the treatment of lymph (lymphatic) edema, venous insufficiency, suitable as preoperative and post-operative prevention of Deep thrombosis, rehabilitation of post-traumatic conditions associated with swelling of affected Limbs. Contraindications to this treatment are swelling caused by kidney or heart disease. Recommended clothing: Long trousers, socks.

25 min/290 CZK

Reflex Massage

Manual massage performed by a physiotherapist according to the physician’s prescription, aimed at eliminating pathological reflexology changes in the area of the musculoskeletal system, most often in the spine and with the influence of the vegetative nervous systems. Only on the advice of a doctor.

30 min/550 CZK

Reflex massage of the soles of the feet

It is a hand-held pressure massage, which acts on reflective points placed on the soles of the legs. The Ploska is a whole-body microsystem through which it is possible to act effectively on the whole organism and to stimulate all organs in the body. The procedure can be applied to clients who do not have fungal diseases of the skin or nails, and there are no warts on the soles of the feet.

25 min/490 CZK

Face Lifting

New and very effective facial massage technique used not only in cosmetics. By activating nutrition and increasing skin tension, it liquidates wrinkles resulting from fatigue. By acting on the mimic muscles it relieves fatigue and positively affects the entire nervous system. After lifting you will feel a beneficial feeling of calm and relaxation, you’ll feel beautifully rested.

25 min/490 CZK