Bath rituals in a copper tub filled with luxurious oils

Rejuvenating bath Queen of Egypt
Refreshing citrus bath
Aroma-therapeutic bath

20 min / 390 CZK

Lava stone massage

Pre-warmed volcanic stones stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system. Thus your body and mind will be relaxed, deprived of stress and tension.

25 min  / 550 CZK
50 min / 950 CZK

Feet massage

Compressive relaxing massage with regenerating impact for tired, weary, but also flat feet.

25 min / 550 CZK

Felicitas massage

Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system. It brings deep harmony, relaxation, removes tiredness and tension.

55 min / 950 CZK

Warm stroke

Combining peat wrap and massage leads to muscle tension relief. Peat wrap is one of the most appreciated forms of warm therapies leading to detoxication and muscle relaxation.

50 min / 890 CZK

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system. It brings deep harmony, relaxation, removes tiredness and tension.

55 min / 950 CZK

Orange dream

Whole body treatment, based first on very gentle peeling from orange salt. Thus dead skin cells are removed and the skin is smoothened. This is followed by relaxing back massage by warm orange oil. Finally the body is covered by warm orange butter which relieves and smoothens the skin leaving the pleasant scent of oranges.

55 min / 990 CZK

Seaweed body wrap and face and head massage

Mineralizing effects of the seaweed wrap intensifies the nourishing facial massage by wheat sprouts oil and the head massage by rosemary tincture, thus having wholesome effects to release the head skin.

55 min / 950 CZK

Seaweed body wrap and feet massage

Mineralizing effect of the seaweed wrap which is accomplished by feet massage, being the unique regenerating combination. The feet massages have been provided already in Ancient Egypt to regenerate vital energy stream.

50 min / 950 CZK

Velvet feet

Gentle peeling smoothens the feet skin and following massage will relieve the feet tension. Finally the feet are treated by nourishing cream.

45 min / 890 CZK

Paraffin Hand Wrap

Application of the cosmetic paraffin leads to warming, blood perfusion and hydration. It beneficially effects joints and improves the nails. The skin is velvet-smooth and visibly rejuvenated.

20 min / 200 CZK

Velvet Feet Wrap

Application of a cream wrap consisting of chocolate butter and almond oil creates smooth and velvet-gentle skin of your feet.

20 min / 200 CZK

Children relaxing massage

This massage helps to relieve muscle and psychic tension of your children using lavender oil, thus calming the children down and leading to their better temper.

15 min / 350 CZK

Classical massage

The massage relieves tight muscles, if done regularly it may prevent potential health problems.

25 min / 550 CZK
50 min / 950 CZK