Our Wellness

Wellness is a way to harmony of soul and body mind. We will be glad if you find this harmony with ours. We have prepared an environment where the search will be an experience. You can start in our sauna minisclause, continue with a pleasant massage and finish everything in a relaxing room where you will be prepared for refreshments from fresh fruits and refreshing beverages. With light, relaxing music, you want to not only relax, but maybe even moments of sleep. We provide our spa services not only to hotel guests. Are you in Podebrady and are you looking for a pleasant environment where to relax? Stop by us. You will always be welcome. If you would like to ask a question, we will gladly provide you with all the information at the Wellness Centre reception.

We are ready to fulfill your wishes, whether you are in our hotel guest or you come to visit only our wellness. If you want to relax alone or just with a group of your friends, or you don’t want to be limited by time, you can book your spa privately only for yourself. Everything can be arranged at the reception.

Do you want to make your loved ones happy? Donate a healthy gift. With us you can buy a gift voucher with a personal dedication to all the services of the Wellness Centre. The voucher can be in different values, for which you can subsequently draw services, or you can donate a specific masher, body treatment, entrances to the sauna minisphrase. Information can be obtained at the Wellness Centre reception.


Phone nr.: + 420 704 970 966
E-mail: wellness@laznefelicitas.cz