Dry carbonic Bath

The patient lies in a special bag that is filled with carbon dioxide. This procedure is relatively gentle and suitable even for elderly patients, the effects are almost identical to the classic water carbonic bath. Suitable especially for patients who cannot undergo a classical bath due to reduced mobility. Recommended dress: bathrobe, underwear.

25 min/350,-

Gas injections

Many patients seeking a procedure that is performed by nurses. Carbon dioxide is injected subcutaneously into places according to the doctor’s surgery. Injections have beneficial effects on vertebrogenic problems, joint discomfort, improve blood flow in cardiacons and diabetics. Only on the advice of a doctor.

250 CZK

Knee and hip Motodlaha

Motodlaha is a device designed for passive treatment of the knee and hip joints. It is suitable for the treatment of post-operative and post-traumatic conditions, joint disease and reduced mobility of the lower extremities. Exercise with a motodlar significantly reduces the time needed for rehabilitation.

250 CZK

HYDROJET Massage Water Bed

Dry mechanical massage applied either to the whole body or to the upper part of the body with the omission of the lower limbs in the presence of varicose veins. The massage is carried out on a porous mat, under which the water isothermal temperature. The procedure is also suitable for patients who cannot undergo classical water procedures or have limited mobility. The procedure can also be applied to a patient with a pacemaker.

10 min/200 CZK


This is the inhalation of aerosol by mouth with the possibility of additives of active substances in diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Vincentka is used for inhalation.

10 min/150 CZK

Oxygenotherapy (Oxygen Therapy)

A treatment method with the use of oxygen, which is inhaled using the so-called Oxygen-carrying glasses. Special instruments are used to deliver pure oxygen to the organism so that the effect of the oxygen treatment is long-term. Oxygenation of tissues and organs, physical and mental performance, cardiac activity and elasticity of lung tissue will be improved.

25 min/260 CZK

Local cryotherapy

This procedure is applied to a predetermined place of dry cold, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Only on the advice of a doctor.

5 min/190 CZK