Peat Cladding

One of the main effects of peat is its thermal effect. The procedure uses disposable peat compresses, which are made from one side with permeable foil, which releases natural substances from peat into the body (minerals, ions). Thermotherapeutic Peat is recommended mainly for pain in the joints and spine.

20 min/270 CZK

Paraffin Hand Wrap

It positively affects the musculoskeletal tract, peripheral paresis, spastic processes, but also has cosmetic effects. It is applied to the hands and then the limbs are wrapped to prevent heat leakage.

20 min/200 CZK

Warm cladding

It is a so-called Which gradually releases heat, thereby reducing muscle tension, alleviates rheumatic joint pains, promotes blood circulation and has an anti-stress effect.

20 min/170 CZK


Procedure using infrared radiation to warm the organism. Only on the advice of a doctor.

250 CZK