Tourist destinations

Podebrady Castle

As a rare historical monument and the dominant of the spa town, Poděbrady Castle is located on the right bank of the Elbe River. It was rebuilt from the original Přemyslovský castle in a place that was inhabited since prehistoric times. According to historical documents, one of the most famous Czechs, the later Czech king Jiří of Poděbrady, was born here. You can visit the monument of King George of Poděbrady, which was reopened after a demanding reconstruction. New historical events related to the Czech king Jiří Z Poděbrad, his peaceful efforts and life in the Middle Ages in Podebrady are presented here.

The observation train around the Elbe

The train runs away from the Zdymadla and along the Elbe trail goes to the confluence of the Elbe River with Cidlina. You can use the train to travel back and forth, or go for a walk on the confluence and back with a train ride.

Tour of the Poděbrady glassfactories

The excursion is a unique and unique experience for all generations. It allows you to uncover the secrets of the fragile beauty of glass. You can watch the complete production process of the pressed and blown glass. You will witness how beautiful decors can arise in the hands of skilled abrasors.

Film Legends Museum

If you like film, Comics, collectibles, action heroes or legends of the silver screen, then the Film Legends Museum is the right choice for you.

Polabské Museum

The Polabske Museum in Poděbrady presents the nature, archaeology, history and balneology of the region through the permanent exhibition of the story of the Elbe and the exposition of the medieval hospital. Kunigunde.

What you must not miss while walking through the city

  • Jiří Náměstí with the horse statue of King George by Bohuslav Schnirch
  • Obereignerova Villa and Villa Kouřimka from one of the most prominent Czech architects Josef Fanty, both of which stand near the Spa Park
  • Havířský Church and Bell tower on the other side of the river Elbe just behind the bridge

Kutna Hora

In history Kutná Hora was one of the most important Czech cities thanks to silver mining. It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1995. It is not only 30 km from Podebrady and is definitely worth a visit. The most fundamental monument is definitely the Cathedral of St. Barbara, a unique work of late Gothic architecture. A little morale, but a popular destination is a Konstanz under the Church of All Saints in the cemetery in Sedlci near Kutna Hora, which is almost exclusively decorated with human bones.

Castle Dětenice and Medieval Tavern

The Baroque castle is part of the complex, where you can also find a castle brewery with a medieval tavern or hotel. In the years 1998 – 2000, the Chateau Dětenice was renovated and after 60 years again opened to the public. The historic building of the brewery with the medieval tavern and the production of its own beer is repaired in the vicinity of the castle.

Hradiste Libice nad Cidlinou-the seat of the Slavníkovians family

The Slavic settlement at the confluence of the river Labe and Cidlina inhabited the mighty family of Slavníkovians. The rival family of the Přemyslovs in 995 was completely ransed by the fortress and the inhabitants. Later, the fort was restored, but only as a přemyslid support point. The remains of the foundations of the buildings were preserved and the nature trail leads through the surroundings.

Cruise ship King George

You can enjoy scenic cruises around the Elbe River and views of the Polabian plain. The on-board restaurant offers a peaceful cruise and live music in summer during evening cruises. The boat runs in two directions at the confluence of the Elbe with the Cidlinou River and to Nymburka. You can also try day trips to Mělník or Kladrub.

Historical Village of Arts and crafts and herbal gardens Botanicus Ostrá

The atmosphere of traditional crafts, which was an essential part of the life of our ancestors and nowadays are slowly fading out. From May to September you can get acquainted with individual crafts in the centre of Botanicus every day except Monday.

ZOO Chleby

Zoo Chleby is one of the smallest Czech zoological gardens located in the village of Chleby northeast of Nymburka. In contrast to its giant competitors, popularity is gaining mainly thanks to the possibility of closer contact of visitors with animals. Lots of animals are Tate or even domestics, so visitors can pet or feed some of them.

Castle Loučeň

Romantic Castle with a large park, labyrinth and many other attractions. Exhibition of the Czech branch of the Thurn-Taxis family and life at the castle at the turn of 19th century. and 20. Century. You will learn not the dry facts, but the story of life at the castle roughly a hundred years ago.