Alqvimia is one of the most important trademarks of exclusive natural cosmetics. It is revolutionary in understanding the female beauty, female body and mind, based on the health and absolute harmony. It uses the secret knowledge of old aromatherapy arts and alchemy as well as the results from the latest researches in botanics and pharmacy. From the body rituals we recommend:

Queen of Egypt

All-the-body treatment inspired by beautifying rituals of Egyptian queens which brings perfect relief to your body and mind. Sensual ritual of beauty and health which – thanks to rare oils from myrrh and incense – returns to your skin smoothness and fineness. The ritual includes rejuvenating facial treatment and aroma-therapeutic body care.

90 min / 1 690 CZK
120 min / 2 100 CZK

Shaping treatment Silhouette

Intensive body treatment focusing on the body shaping, slimming, removing cellulite, and general health improving. All-the-body peeling by sea salts and herbal essentials makes the skin fine and detoxicates the body. The intensive forming and slimming anti-cellulite wrap from seaweeds shapes the figure and smoothens the skin. Final aroma-therapeutic massage by slimming oils strengthens the overall effect of the treatment.

100 min / 1 690 CZK

Spa ritual Antistress

It provides the delight from absolute physical relief and helps to find mental balance again. The facial care focusing on the specific needs of every client is accomplished by relaxing body treatment. Essential oils with anti-stress effects will return you into good spirit feelings and harmony.

90 min / 1 690 CZK
120 min / 2 100 CZK

Joy ritual

Perfect effect of the aroma-therapeutic mixture of essential oils restores the feelings of hope, optimism and joy. Revitalizing effect of fruit provides the skin with hydration, regeneration and deep nourishment, encourages self-confidence and calmness.

75 min / 1 550 CZK

Spa flower ritual

Exotic fragrant oils from jasmine and ylang-ylang add to this ritual beauty, feminity feeling and sensuality. The ritual includes facial and body care.

90 min / 1 690 CZK
120 min / 2 100 CZK

Luxury relaxing massage of face, décolletage and head

The face and décolletage is massaged with virgin wheat germ oil and head oil with a rosemary tincture.

25 min / 550 CZK

Face aromatherapy

A cosmetic ritual during which the skin is cleansed, followed by a detox mask and facial massage with skin and essential oils, which will be tailored to your skin’s needs.

55 min / 1 350 CZK

Bath rituals in a copper bath with luxurious oils

Rejuvenating Bath Queen of Egypt
Refreshing citrus bath
Aromatherapy Bath

20 min / 390 CZK