Comprehensiv and contributory treatment for insured parties

We have a twenty-year tradition of providing spa care paid by health insurance companies. We have a fully equipped Balneo-rehabilitation center, in which a team of top experts is working. There is also a rehabilitation pool. In the Spa Hotel Felicitas we treat patients with diseases:

  • Circulatory tract (II.)
  • Diseases from metabolic disorders and endocrine glands (diabetes mellitus) (IV.)
  • Nerve diseases (VI.)
  • Musculoskeletal diseases (VII)

The design of the treatment and prescription procedures you, based on medical examinations, will be established by our physician. The composition of procedures will be created with an emphasis on the maximum effect of spa treatment and taking into account your current health status.

Comprehensiv and contribution spa care

In our spa complex we provide both comprehensive spa care and spa care contribution. The length of the stay is usually 14, 21 or 28 days. In the complex spa care, the health insurance company pays treatment, accommodation and meals. Under the spa treatment, the insurance company pays only treatment, accommodation and meals are paid by the patient. In this case, we will gladly prepare an offer of accommodation and meals to suit your options, wishes and expectations.

How to get to our spa

Spa Care stays reimbursed by health insurance shall be carried out on the basis of a proposal by the treating physician, who must be approved by the health insurance review physician. If you want to join us in the spa, reach out to your nursing doctor. If your medical condition requires spa treatment and your diagnosis corresponds to the specialization of our spa, ask your doctor whether to recommend the FELICITAS Spa, Spa Hotel Felicitas, Poděbrady. If your treating physician will need additional information, contact us. We are pleased to answer all questions. After approval of the design by your health insurer, contact us. We will explain everything, we will take care of everything. We will do our utmost to make you feel the best for a long time after returning from our spa.

The offer of spa stays will be helped by Monika Straková, head of the sales department:
Tel: + 420 739 490 628

Bonus for our patients

  • Accommodation in comfortable, fully equipped rooms in hotel Felicitas Depandance Spa
  • Option for accommodation in the main building of the Spa Hotel Felicitas * * * * (at an additional cost)
  • Meals in the hotel restaurant Continental Way
  • Free entry into the pool (in allocated times)
  • A bathrobe during the entire stay
  • Unlimited consumption of mineral water Poděbradka from our own spring